• Sean D. C. Ostrowski Measurement using the New Rules of Measurement

Sean D. C. Ostrowski Measurement using the New Rules of Measurement

author: Sean D. C. Ostrowski

isbn: 9781118332993

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The RICS New Rules of Measurement mean that the construction industry now has a way of allowing a more consistent approach to the measurement and estimating of buildings from the start of a project, right through until the end, and beyond. Measurement using the New Rules of Measurement offers comprehensive guidance on all the technical competencies concerned with measurement throughout the precontract stages and provides a full commentary to the NRM, with detailed and comprehensive examples of how to measure in accordance with this new prescriptive approach. For both students and practitioners, the acquisition of technical competencies is by practice so this book offers step-by-step worked examples to follow as well as an exercise on each topic. helps dispel anxieties about using a new method in an important area of fee generation based on the author’s successful Roadshows, organised by the RICS to promote the NRM companion websites provide support for learning: http://ostrowskiquantities.com and www.wiley.com/go/ostrowski/measurement

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