• The Last Boer War = Последняя бурская война: на англ.яз

The Last Boer War = Последняя бурская война: на англ.яз

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Henry Rider Haggard was an English writer, largely of adventure fiction, but also of non-fiction. The eighth child of a Norfolk barrister and squire, through family connections he gained employment with Sir Henry Bulwer during the latters service as lieutenant-governor of Natal, South Africa. Haggard travelled to southern Africa in 1875 and remained in the country for six years, during which time he served as Master of the High Court of the Transvaal and an adjutant of the Pretoria Horse. Rider Haggard's time in Africa proved inspirational for him, and while still in Natal he wrote two articles for The Gentleman's Magazine describing his experiences.

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